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  • Measuring Machines

    Precirond 2000

    Enables effective measurement of
    Roundness, Cylindricity,
    Eccentricity, Concentricity,

  • Measuring Machines

    Lab Microcal 600

    Single measuring machine with
    entire mechanical calibration
    scope, using Abbe's comparator

  • Shop Floor Equipments

    Tool Set & Tool Scan

    Pneumatic clamping for positive
    gripping, comes with Work table
    provided with great storage

  • Calibration Masters

    Line Measure 1000

    Unit meets IS 1269 Part 2. Higher
    accuracy and repeatability and
    comes with high accuracy CCD

  • Shop Floor Equipments

    Digi Height 600

    Colour Graphic 5.7'' LCD with
    animated user-friendly GUI & high
    accuracyt optical scale with

  • Calibration Masters

    Floating Carriage Micrometer

    Offer effective calibration of
    Threads Plug Gauges & Taps.
    Provides Major, Minor & Pitch

  • Calibration Masters

    Dial Calibration Testers

    Precise instrument to measure
    accuracy of Dial Indicators,
    Mechanical Comparators, Dial/Bore

  • Calibration Masters

    Gauge Blocks

    Manufactured as per DIN EN ISP
    3650 in Carbide/Steel of Grade K,
    0, 1 and in set of 47, 88, 112,

  • Calibration Masters

    Check Master

    Step Gauge in range 300, 450,
    600, 1000 mm; measuring steps of
    10 mm. with optional swivelling

  • Calibration Masters

    Caliper Checker

    Designed for calibration of all
    types of Calipers & Height Gauges
    in range 300, 600, 1000 mm

  • Measuring Tools

    Measuring Pins

    Ideal of holes & CD checking.
    Supplied in sets or Single pins
    and Made from High quality Alloy

  • Measuring Tools

    3 Wire Measuring Set

    For measurement of Pitch Diameter
    of screw threads. Wire are
    hardened, ground and lapped in 18

  • Measuring Tools

    Dial & Adjustable Snap Gauges

    Facilitates checking of external
    diameter with precision and
    speed. For Go/No Go gauging with

  • Shop Floor Equipments

    Gear Roll Tester

    Measure error of double flank
    rolling on one side direction,
    error of double flank rolling per

  • Calibration Masters

    Gauge Block Comparator

    Used for calibrating gauge blocks
    from 0.5 to 100 mm length.
    Parallelism by measuring at 5

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